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A’l Bahar has a range of retail outlets and pop-up shops which can support you on your journey towards a healthy and active lifestyle. As well as a range of food and drink outlets which offer healthier choices, our retail stores include Dr Nutrition, selling a variety of health, nutrition and wellness products, and Farah Experiences, which sells sporting goods and equipment to help you get the most from your outdoor gym, basketball, beach football and volleyball sessions . Our retail stores are open during regular trading hours and also during Events .

If you’re a retail brand supporting a healthy or active lifestyle or who feels at home in a beach destination, contact us today to find out more about leasing opportunities.

Dr. Nutrition

Dr. Nutrition offers a wide range of branded health, nutrition and wellness products and supplements to help you get the best from your exercise and nutritional plans.

Farah Experiences

Shop a premium range of sporting and leisure goods and accessories to help you take full advantage of all the fitness opportunities A’l Bahar has to offer, including volleyballs and beach footballs!